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Varenr. 7013080

Fibreglass pools, installed in 5 days!
Saves you time, especially in peak season!
Fibreglass pools are the perfect solution for customers who require high-end pools with minimum disruption.
The pools are available in different shapes, sizes and colors to create the look and feel a customer requires.
The pools are made of high quality fibreglass laminate with a smooth surface for a high level of comfort and finish.
Delivered to site on the agreed date!

  • 10 years guarantee on construction
  • 2 years guarantee on colour
  • Exceptional durability and strong construction
  • Perfect resistance to freezing weather
  • A special TÜV approved, gel-coat creates the glossy surface layer and is particularly resistant to the long term influence of chloride, as well as UV radiation and changes in temperature
  • The construction of each pool is additionally strengthened with metal, which gives the pool a rigid shell.
  • The pool is produced with an extra polyurethane foam on the outside of the pool, which insulates and prevents large heat loss.
  • All pools are equipped with an extra layer of reinforced bottom insulation and are produced in Europe
Materiale: glasfiber
Farve: blå
Længde: 7,6 m
Bredde: 3 m
Dybde: 0,45 m
Model: Montecito
Klassifikation: ID00
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