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NaanDanJain Mikrosprinkler, type Green Spin

Varenr. 7020856

The NaanDanJain Micro Sprinkler, type Green Spin has to be installed upside down therefore its main application is on tunnels or greenhouses. Irrigation of green leafs, baby leafs, lettuce, cabbage, chrysanthemum, nurseries on benches for example of grafted tomato, raspberries and cooling in strawberries under the gutters.

The NaanDanJain Micro sprinkler, type Green Spin is known for its bridgless design which prevents dripping during the start, operation and turning off of the system. The "S" design of its swivel has been specifically done in order to decrease the height jet and the trajectory of the water stream which can reach 40 cm above the micro sprinkler swivel. The Green Spin is suitable for the antimist bayonet connector which is ideal for 1 row tunnels or glasshouses. The Green Spin is also suitable for the bayonet Leakage Prevention Device,which is highly recommended for all installations. Additionally, for installations with high lines, the Green Spin is also suitable for the suspended stands in different connections. The Green Spin can deliver uniformities up to 98%.

NaanDanJain is the world wide leader in micro irrigation solutions, with a range of applications: undetree irrigation, greenhouses, frost protection, climate control and pesticide spraying. NaanDanJain is known to deliver the highest performing products for precision agriculture and irrigation.

Tilslutning: bayonet M
Materiale: plastik
Sektorjusterbart interval : 360°
Farve: brun
Klassifikation: GA06
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