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Mega+ Sandfilter

Varenr. 0182217

Made of premium grade high density polyethylene. The Mega line offers heavy duty operation and sustains a high working temperature. Only first class virgin high density polyethylene raw materials made by Phillips Chemicals are used in the production of our filters. The unique twist lock is designed for ease of servicing and maintenance of the filter.

  • Compact and heavy duty
  • Made of high density polyethylene
  • Designed for most domestic swimming pools or spa pools
  • Valve lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation
  • Easy-to-use bayonet-locked multi-port valve lets you select any of the valve/filter operations with a simple lever-action


Tilslutning: metrisk/imperial limmuffe
Materiale: HDPE
Tryk: 2,5 bar
Maks. temp.: 50 °C
Type: MFV17
Diameter: 425 mm
Størrelse: 50 mm / 1 1/2"
Maks. flow rate: 7,5 m³/h
Sand: 40 kg
Maks. pool volume: 37,5 m³
Filterområde: 0,14 m²
Klassifikation: DB01
Måltegning A mm: 816
B mm: 425
C mm: 695
D mm: 635
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