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Hayward Klorinator

Varenr. 7019072
The AquaRite®+ salt chlorinator combines the highly effective and reliable Hayward® T-CELL salt chlorination technology, with a complete pool automation system.
Enjoy perfectly balanced & crystal clear water thanks to continuous pH and ORP (optional) control and manage all your pool equipment (e.g. filtration, heating, lighting etc.) automatically or even remotely, with the optional WIFI-module.
This unique system provides excellent water quality & saves on chemicals.


  • pH probe included
  • Chlorinator cell included
  • ORP probe included in LSE model, optional for T3E and T9E
  • Optional detachable screen
Type: AquaRite® + LS
Egnet til: pools 60-90 m³
Klassifikation: KB01
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