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DAB Dykpumpe, type FEKA 600

Varenr. 0940030
For solids up to 25mm.
Technical features:
Pump body, protection cover, filter and fan in noryl fibreglass.
Motor axis and motor body in S/S steel.
Seal with 3 seal rings in oil chamber.
Automatic float switch.
With built in thermal safety.
With approximately 10 metres cable.
Tilslutning: indvendig gevind
Pump body: plastik
Aksel: rustfri stål
Farve: grøn
Materiale impeller: fiberforstærket plastik
Type: FEKA 600
Volt: 230VAC
Tryk: 1 "
Flyder: inkluderet
Klassifikation: HA06
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